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First to Ten with Tampa’s own, Chyna

Hello everyone!

Thank you for returning for this week’s interview.  It is the first of many I plan on doing with men and women who work hard in our scene. Whether it’s competing or helping grow their local scene, this blog is a place for them to tell us about themselves.  Today, I want you to learn about Chyna, a woman in the NRS community,  and maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of why I respect her so much as not just a friend but a fellow community member.  I thought Chyna would be a great person to start with because some of you know her, but she has yet to really have a showcase all on her own.


  1. Hey Chyna, thank you for taking your time to answer the following questions for this feature. First, I would like to ask you to tell everyone a little basic information about yourself: Who are you? Where you are from? And how long you have been playing NRS games?


My name is Chyna, my tag is ChickityChyna. I’m from Tampa, Florida and I’ve been playing fighting games for almost two years. When I’m not playing fighting games I’m playing Overwatch, binge watching tv shows, or running.


  1. What got you into the competitive scene? Are NRS games the only ones you play?


My boyfriend, LoBo, got me into the competitive scene. I went as a spectator to CEO 2015 and watched him compete in MKX. After I was so upset I did not try and compete, it looked like so much fun. Also, Cassie Cage felt like my spirit animal, so I had to try her out. I do play other fighting games, Blazblue, Guilty Gear, MvCI but I do not compete in them….yet.


  1. What is a challenge you’ve faced since competing? How did you overcome this?


My biggest challenge when it comes to competing is nerves. As soon as I sit down for a tournament match I start freaking out. The first tournament I competed in I was shaking so bad! My arcade stick was moving so much on my lap, I felt like a fool. I am still working on my nerves but the more I compete the easier it gets!


  1. How easy have you found it to make friends in this community? What about other sub-communities in the FGC?


I found it pretty easy.  I think I’m super friendly and will talk to anyone. So that definitely helps being able to branch out and make new connections.


  1. You play on a fight stick? Is that your preferred way and what do you like about it?


I use a hitbox and an arcade stick. I prefer the hitbox, because my inputs are cleaner. I do not understand how anyone uses a regular pad, my hands seem way too big for it!


  1. I know you cosplay and have done a badass Cassie Cage cosplay. What has been your favorite so far and what are you currently working on?


Endurance Cassie Cage, it was super easy to make and the most comfortable cosplay ever. I am currently working on a Supergirl cosplay, because I love my blonde characters.


11709629_10203082200014650_8801723721294336597_nChyna as Endurance Cassie alongside boyfriend John “Lobo”


  1. Who is your favorite character in Injustice 2 currently? Tell us about him/her.


This is hard because I really love most of the cast. The character I play the most is Supergirl.  It is weird because I haven’t always liked Supergirl and Superman before this game. Something about their character design in lore always annoyed me. I am looking forward to Hellboy though!


8.I know you have done work for your local scene. Can you share your experiences with that for everyone tuning in please?


In 2015 we started a weekly tournament in our small town, called Throw-Down Gaming. We had no scene in our town and no one to play with. So, we created our weekly to give us and other players a place to train and compete. With help from a few friends we out grew our venue on the very first day.

Today we average about 20 players for Smash, and about 10-15 for IJ2. Everyone who comes out to this weekly is like family to us and I don’t know what we would do without them.

  1. What is your message for other women (and also men) looking in to join the scene?


My advice is to go and compete!

Do not let the fear of going 0-2 stop you from playing the game you love.


  1. What are your goals for 2018 in Fighting Games? (Not just NRS games but in general)


My goals for 2018 is continue to learn and grow as a player. I’m currently learning Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite! Additionally, I hope to start entering more than just NRS tournaments soon.

22491712_10207909775341016_6672927069123181174_n.jpgChyna in her Supergirl shirt after running a 10K marathon.


Thank you Chyna for your time!



I’m sure we all look forward to seeing her grow as a player and compete more! I hope you enjoyed this interview and feel like you’ve gotten to take away a little bit with you;  If anything, I hope it is inspiration.  Seeing that Chyna and others were able to start something small and grow it into a larger local is a beautiful thing.  We need more of this in every area if we want our competitive scene to keep growing.

As always, thank you for your time.

Feedback is definitely welcome.  Next week I will be interviewing one of our beloved community commentators, PND Ketchup!  I hope you are all excited for this.  Please feel free to comment below for any questions you’d like to potentially see in his 10 questions!


Article published & written by: Romanova
Proofread & edited by: King Hippo